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Family Portraits – How to prepare!

Helpful Hints

1. Go for a traditional look. You want a portrait that is timeless.
2. Similar type clothing is always best for continuity.
3. Neutral colors will look good on all ages.
4. Women can wear similar colored dresses, skirts, slacks, Capri’s, or shorts to coordinate with men’s pants or shorts.
5. Tans and whites are always good summer colors. You can mix with pastels or an accent color such as green, blue, black or grey. Reds and russets are wonderful for the fall.Rich Jewel tones are great in the winter.
6. To add interest, accent colors can be added in children’s or adults’ clothing. Sometimes a floral pattern or a summer print can add excitement.
7. Jeans are fun and casual. A great look all year round.
8. Sweaters and jackets in similar colors look great for cooler weather portraits.
9. Formal outdoor portraits should follow the same color and hue designs and substitute more formal attire.
10. Faces are the most important part of a portrait so blend colors and clothes to enhance your family’s faces.

Children’s Outdoor Portraits

Please bring your child’s favorite toy. This helps to relax your child and make the photo session more fun. Allowing your child to wear their outfit before the photo session lets the garment become more familiar and sometimes softens up the material. Make your child as comfortable as possible and your experience will be more pleasant.

Relax and Have Fun!

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